River Restoration: Practices and Concepts

Residential and urban rivers and streams are becoming degraded throughout the nation. A broadening landscape of impervious surfaces—parking lots, roads, and rooftops—causes changes to stream hydrology. These changes often lead to accelerated erosion of stream banks or a downcutting of streambeds each time it rains. Rivers and streams have also often been channelized or otherwise modified to serve humankind’s purposes and convey floodwater more quickly downstream. These changes all have an adverse impact on stream communities.

excavator work on a river dam

Since 2001, Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant has hosted workshops pertaining to various aspects of river and stream restoration. The River Restoration: Practices and Concepts workshops provide the opportunity to hear about the latest restoration projects from experts nationally as well as from the region, and communicate with other professionals with similar interests.

For more information, visit restoringourrivers.com

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