Great Lakes Monitoring

The Great Lakes Monitoring tool provides easy access to more than 30 years of environmental data collected throughout the Great Lakes. While the primary source for the data is U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Great Lakes National Program Office, other federal and state agencies also contributed, and Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant worked with the University of Illinois National Center for Supercomputing Applications to develop this tool. Users can choose from a range of environmental parameters, including nutrients, contaminants, and physical properties of water. The sampled data is used to study nutrients, contaminants, river discharge, and aquatic life.

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Topic Specialist

Paris Collingsworth
Great Lakes Ecosystem Specialist
Kristin TePas
Community Outreach Specialist

Research Projects

Carolyn Foley
Research Coordinator


Ethan Chitty
Administrative Assistant

Education & Training

Terri Hallesy
Education Coordinator
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