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Indiana’s ecosystems will experience changes in water quantity, water temperature, ice cover, water clarity, and oxygen content as the state’s temperature and rainfall patterns shift. The plants and animals living in these aquatic ecosystems will undergo changes that will vary based on the species and the specific places they inhabit.

Part of the Indiana Climate Change Impacts Assessment (IN CCIA).

Download the report from Purdue e-Pubs. DOI: 10.5703/1288284316782

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Höök, Tomas; Foley, Carolyn; Collingsworth, Paris; Dorworth, Leslie; Fisher, Brant; Hoverman, Jason Dr.; LaRue, Elizabeth; Pryon, Mark; Tank, Jennifer; Widhalm, Melissa; and Dukes, Jeffrey, “Aquatic Ecosystems in a Shifting Indiana Climate: A Report from the Indiana Climate Change Impacts Assessment” (2018). Aquatic Ecosystems Reports. Paper 1.


Carolyn Foley, Leslie Dorworth, Paris Collingsworth, Tomas Höök



Focus Areas

Healthy Coastal Ecosystems, Resilient Communities and Economies


Climate Ready Communities, Healthy Waters
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