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To prepare students to be responsible decision-makers and future leaders, IISG has developed education programs that engage students in experiential practices to promote a sustainable society. Our education projects feature interdisciplinary lessons and activities that help educators to teach Great Lakes Literacy Principles.


The Incredible Shrinking Cup

Teach students about the impact of pressure on volume (i.e., Boyle’s Law) through shrinking styrofoam cups in the depths of the Great Lakes. You’ll send us decorated cups, then we’ll sink them in one of the Great Lakes and send them back to you. Students will see firsthand the effects of increased water depth on pressure and volume—their cups will be a fraction of the original size!

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Freedom Seekers

The Freedom Seekers curriculum leverages Environmental Justice Education (EJE) approaches to K-12 teaching to create cross-curricular connections that focus on increasing the awareness of local issues and history in the Great Lakes region. Curriculum topics include maritime connections to the Underground Railroad, Harriet Tubman, how to conduct historical research, how race and historical US Census data connect to the Underground Railroad, and famous Black scientists and inventors.

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The Medicine Chest

We have created and compiled a series of lessons on the issues surrounding pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCP) that end up in our waterways. These lessons give a thorough understanding of PPCP disposal issues, and stewardship activity ideas are available to inspire action.

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Lake Michigan by the Numbers

This curriculum uses real-time buoy data as a teaching tool about Lake Michigan conditions and current issues. The five lessons are data driven and interdisciplinary.

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Aquaculture Family Coloring Book

This print-your-own coloring book provides a fun and active way for children and adults to learn about the many kinds of aquatic animals that are raised on farms for aquaculture.

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Helping Hands: Restoring Great Lakes Habitat

This curriculum engages upper elementary and high school students in Great Lakes environmental stewardship. It is designed for schools located in Areas of Concern that are undergoing cleanup and restoration, but the curriculum can apply to any Great Lakes community.

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Education Products and Publications

View educational products and publications from throughout Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant’s history.

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