Scientists are first to systematically identify Great Lakes microbes

Funded by IISG, Maureen Coleman and members of her lab at University of Chicago have been working to identify the species and abundance of viruses, bacteria, and other microscopic life in all five Laurentian Great Lakes.

Is your yard or basement flooding?

There's been more rainfall than usual, causing problems for homeowners. In a new video series, stormwater specialist Eliana Brown shares ways you can better manage rainfall and runoff around your property.

"If you can't beat 'em, eat 'em!"

IISG served up Asian carp—an invasive species—to government officials, organization executives, and other attendees at NOAA's 44th Annual Fish Fry in Washington, DC.

What is Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant?

We use research, outreach, and education to bring the latest science to Great Lakes communities and their residents. By connecting decision-makers with science, we help strengthen and preserve ecosystems and communities in southern Lake Michigan and beyond.

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