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The Conservation through Community Leadership(CCL) program serves as a roadmap for communities tackling complex land use and natural resource management challenges. The program provides information, tools, and resources to help communities work with diverse stakeholders to:

  • Identify issues of concern
  • Assess current community conditions and resources
  • Create a shared vision
  • Develop an action plan and implementation strategies

The curriculum contains education materials and resources to support community planning for land use and invasive species management. The following curriculum chapters are available for download:

  • Conservation through Community Leadership Introduction
  • Planning Tools for Land Use and Natural Resource Management
  • Natural Resource Management: Invasive Species Education and Management
  • Developing an Effective Community Organization
  • Implementing Best Practices for Meetings

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Recommended Citation

Salazar, Kara A, Lenny D. Farlee, Liz Jackson, Daniel Walker, Steve Yoder. 2020. Conservation through Community Leadership. West Lafayette, IN: Purdue University Extension. 


Daniel Walker, Ethan Chitty, Hope Charters, Irene Miles, Joel Davenport, Kara Salazar



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Resilient Communities and Economies


Sustainable Community Planning
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