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This document summarizes work completed by Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant (IISG) during the summer and fall of 2023 in support of the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement (GLWQA) Annex 2 Lake Michigan Partnership. Specifically, IISG is supporting the Lake Michigan Partnership’s activities to determine science priorities for the Cooperative Science and Monitoring Initiative (CSMI) 2025 Field Year on Lake Michigan. The work described herein was sponsored by the International Joint Commission and comprised a 2-day in-person workshop plus a follow-up, online survey. Information contained in this report is intended as guidance only. While it is primarily written to help the Lake Michigan Partnership as the group sets research priorities for the 2025 intensive field year, other researchers and entities studying Lake Michigan might find the document useful.

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Foley, C.J., J.M. Milanovich, K.M. TePas, and P.D. Collingsworth. 2023. Cooperative Science & Monitoring Initiative. Lake Michigan CSMI 2025 Kickoff Workshop Summary Report. Proceedings of a Workshop held in Milwaukee, WI, July 20−21, 2023. Prepared for the Science Advisory Board of the International Joint Commission by Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant. 37 p.

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Carolyn Foley, Janice Milanovich, Kristin TePas, Paris Collingsworth



Focus Areas

Healthy Coastal Ecosystems, Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture


Great Lakes Data
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