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This brochure is a part of a natural lawn care communication campaign developed and refined through a series of grant funded homeowner surveys and focus groups. The goal is to address the issue of lawn care-related pollution in watersheds by targeting outreach efforts directly towards homeowners engaged in lawn care. Choosing the right turfgrass species for the lawn’s growing conditions is an important management practice. This brochure provides a brief introduction to turfgrass growth habits, a checklist for understanding your lawn’s growing conditions and provides a turfgrass selection guide.

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Milanovich, Janice and Allison Neubauer. “Right Plant, Right Place: Selecting Turfgrass for Homeowners.” 2020. Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant Report IISG20-RCE-BRC-044. https://iiseagrant.org/publications/right-plant-right-place-selecting-turfgrass-for-homeowners.

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Allison Neubauer, Joel Davenport, Sarah Zack



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