Quantifying estrogen compound and nutrient reduction in a coupled wetland and groundwater flow-through system

Major Goals and Objectives

  • Investigate the reduction of 17β-estradiol (E2) and Estrone
    (E1) in treated wastewaters that were subjected to a tertiary treatment composed of a coupled wetland and ground water flow through system
  • Quantify the presence of E2 and E1 in treated wastewater and along ground water pathways from a wetland
  • Determine the potential reduction of E2 and transformation of E2 to E1 along the ground water pathways
  • Expand upon the results by Peterson and Lanning (2009) showing the effectiveness of wetlands as a treatment for E2 removal
  • Use the pilot data gathered to develop a more thorough assessment of the wastewater treatment process

Research Information

Principal Investigator:
Eric Peterson
Initiation Date:
Completion Date:
Illinois State University

Our Work


Eric Peterson
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