The Socio-Environmental Implications to Urban Waters in The Driverless City

Major Goals and Objectives

Cities can be shaped to mitigate potential risks and improve the safety of citizens. However, modifying the urban setting to expand autonomous vehicle safety could negatively impact the community’s water systems health. This graduate student scholars research project aims to leverage a shift in transportation technologies, in a period of climate crisis, for the benefit and safety of people and natural systems – including water systems. This researcher will compile ideas on a multidisciplinary effort, representing different aspects of the city and diverse effects on the influence of technology in urban water systems to present a comprehensive document that questions the possible outcomes in the physical, political, and social aspects.

Accomplishments / Benefits

Story: Meet Our Grad Student Scholars: Alexis Arias



Research Information

Principal Investigator:
Alexis Arias
Initiation Date:
Completion Date:
Illinois Institute of Technology


Ronald Henderson
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