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The Grand Calumet River Revitalized Thumbnail
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Year: 2013

This publication answers local community questions about the revitalization of the Grand Calumet River Area of Concern in NW Indiana. Habitat restoration and sediment cleanup work under the Great Lakes Legacy Act began in 2009 and is expected to last another decade.

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Invasive species – non-native plants, animals, or pathogens that cause harm to natural areas – impact both our economy and the environment. Their environmental impacts can affect outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking and birding. You can help prevent these impacts by becoming a hero and joining the more than 90% of outdoor enthusiasts in Illinois who are already fighting the spread of invaders.

For more detailed information, visit Be a Hero!

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The Helm Spring 2013 Thumbnail
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Year: 2013

Feature Headlines

  • Illinois’ Busy Coast Get Abroad Clean Marina Program
  • New Video Offers Insight into Great Lakes Investment
  • The Word on Invasive Species: Transport Zero
  • Stream contaminants Travel via Salmon
  • Nanomaterial Changes Stream Bacteria
  • Full-cost Water Pricing Makes Sense
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