Climate change can result when greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane increase in our atmosphere and trap infrared radiation. As greenhouse gases continue to increase, scientists are predicting that climatic changes will increase as well. This is one of the top environmental challenges facing today’s society, impacting aquatic and land ecosystems. It poses threats to human lives, environments, and economies too. IISG will help communities and individuals as they seek to mitigate and adapt for climate change.



Flood Vulnerability Assessment for Critical Facilities
After three years in the making, the Flood Vulnerability Assessment for Critical Facilities is now available online to assist critical facilities - like hospitals, fire and police departments, and utility providers - evaluate their preparedness for when the next big rain storm hits.

Great Lakes Region: Quarterly Climate Impacts and Outlook
These reports include a climate summary, information on significant events, impacts during the previous season, and an outlook for the upcoming season. Developed by binational Great Lakes partners, these summaries provide a quick and easy way for local officials and others to stay on top of the latest information.

Resilient Chicago: Climate Planning
Resilient Chicago helps decision makers in the greater Chicago metropolitan region to incorporate climate adaptation into local planning efforts through workshops, webinars, and other resources that address the political, logistical, and financial aspects of local climate planning.

Community Self-Assessment: Readiness for Climate Change
This self-assessment provides local decision makers with a simple and inexpensive method to review community potential vulnerabilities to climate trends and to begin the conversation of how and when to incorporate these trends into community planning and projects.

Climate Change Educational Resources
The Midwestern Regional Climate Center provides a compilation of weather and climate K-12 educational materials, including components of climate change, like the understanding the greenhouse effect and connecting global changes to local impacts.

Outdoor Water Conservation
Water use often reaches its peak during the dry summer months. Residential outdoor water use can drive the need for costly increases in water supply system capacity. Encouraging residents to conserve water during the critical summer months can make our water supply more sustainable

Research Projects

Pilot field observations of Lake Michigan atmospheric boundary layers
David Kristovich, Illinois State Water Survey

Primary Impacts of Climate Change in the Chicago Region
Jim Angel, Illinois State Climatologist, Illinois State Water Survey
Molly Woloszyn, Midwestern Regional Climate Center and IISG

Quantifying the Impact of land cover change and of climate change on floods in northeastern Illinois
Momcilo Markus, Illinois State Water Survey

Simulating the implications of recreational disturbance on Karner blue butterflies (Lycaeides melissa samuelis) at the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore
Patrick Zollner, Purdue University


Climate Adaptation Guidebook for Municipalities in the Chicago Region
Sustainable Land Use Impact on Climate Change and Health
Climate Change: Are you preparing for it?
Climate Change: How you will manage stormwater runoff? 
Climate Change: Where does it fit in your future plans?
Climate Change: How will you manage your water resources?

Web Links

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