Amanda Miracle, an environmental science teacher at the Hammond Academy of Science and Technology, was invited by Robin Goettel, IISG associate director for education, to co-present on her students’ aquatic invasive species (AIS) stewardship projects at the recent National Council for Geographic Education (NCGE) Conference. Here, Amanda is demonstrating a ballast water simulation model showing how invaders can easily spread throughout the Great Lakes. One of the session’s attendees was a geography curriculum specialist from the Denver public school system.

This presentation is part of a larger campaign through the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative project, A Comprehensive Regional Public Outreach Campaign on AIS. A primary goal of this project is to actively involve Great Lakes region students in community stewardship projects, where they can implement their new understanding of AIS and associated impacts. This joint venture with teachers incorporates the Nab the Aquatic Invader! website, which is being enhanced with new activities and mapping information. A new AIS Stewardship Education Network—also serves to sustain and improve aquatic ecosystem biodiversity. Teachers in Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, and New York will be invited to co-present at next year’s NCGE conference in Texas.

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