Once in a while a story here in the U.S. becomes even bigger news elsewhere. That happens to be the case with the Asian Carp problem in the Midwest, as this article relates:

“Outside of the Great Lakes and Mississippi River basins, news of this carp-control strategy barely registered with the U.S. public. But on March 6, it hit China and…microbloggers took to the minor news topic with gusto, using it to explore issues ranging from corrupt civil servants to U.S. sovereign debt…

Within a week, netizens posted more than 85,000 tweets, comments on tweets and re-tweets on the carp rampage. By Chinese microblogging standards, that’s actually quite modest. More popular topics can easily generate millions of posts. But such a large amount of commentary regarding an essentially American story is significant.”

Read the complete story to find out why such a localized problem in the U.S. garnered such significant attention on another continent. 
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