From the Milwaukee-Journal Sentinel:

Thursday was a rough day to be a fish in the Little Calumet River south of downtown Chicago.

Dozens of fishery crews took to the murky waters with barrels of fish poison in the latest effort to keep Asian carp from swimming up the heavily plumbed Chicago waterway system and into Lake Michigan.

“We’re going to be able to kill damn near everything in here,” said the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service deputy regional director Charlie Wooley at the beginning of a five-day, $1.5 million fish eradication program on a two-mile stretch of river.

Federal officials are hoping to confirm what environmental DNA testing has been telling them for the better part of a year: At least a tiny number of the voracious invasive carp have breached an electric barrier about 25 miles downstream from Lake Michigan.

“If there are Asian carp here, we should get confirmation of that this week,” said John Rogner of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. Read more.

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