The Great Lakes are beautiful, of course, but it’s not often that we get a view of the Lakes that lets us see them in a different way. That’s just what happened a week and a half ago, though, when astronaut Karen Nyberg shared a picture she took of the Great Lakes – from outer space. 

“Last Sunday, Oct. 13, American astronaut Karen Nyberg tweeted this excellent photograph of the Great Lakes taken on Aug. 23 from her vantage point orbiting the Earth aboard the International Space Station.

She posted the image on Twitter about 4:40 p.m., generating a cascade of re-tweets. As spectacular photos are wont to do, the image has spent the meantime making rounds on Facebook and other social media platforms.

The image shows four of the five Great Lakes. The sun’s glint brightens lakes Erie and Ontario to the east, while lakes Michigan and Huron are seen in shades of deeper blue. Lake Superior and most of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula are not in the frame.”
Check out the picture at the link in the quote and some additional photos from Karen Nyberg included in the link.
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