While Asian carp, the invasive fish making their way towards the Great Lakes, are a popular food in several countries, they haven’t completely taken hold here. But that may change if proprietors like Dirk Fucik in Chicago have their way. 
“Highly invasive Asian carp are advancing on the Great Lakes, so fire up your grill. Asian carp are eaten and appreciated globally, but the fish have never been popular in America because they’re bony and are thought to be bottom-feeders (actually, you can tell your pesca-prejudiced pals, Asian carp are plankton-feeders.) Nevertheless, Asian carp burgers at Dirk’s Fish & Gourmet Shop have been well-received.

’90 percent of the people who try it like it,’ Dirk Fucik says. At Taste of Chicago one year, Fucik gave out 800 carp burgers in two hours.

Fucik fillets the carp, then grinds the remaining fish. ‘Once you’ve done that, it’s like ground anything,’ Fucik says. He’s used Asian carp in the meatballs in Italian wedding soup, and he’s received a lot of compliments for his Asian carp gefilte fish. Fucik recommends preparing his burgers with some cambozola cheese in the middle, or using Dirk’s Thai or ‘Terry-aki’ marinades. The burgers cost $6 per pound, compared to $18 a pound for salmon burgers.”
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