Topic: Aquatic Invasive Species

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Feature Headlines

  • Peoria Stormwater Issue Reaches a Tipping Point
  • Rain Barrel Use Connected to Benefits
  • Stormwater Troopers go Green
  • Crude Oil Transport Brings the Great lakes risks and Benefits
  • Sea Grant Takes AIM in the War on AIS
  • Students Connect with Real-time Buoy Data
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This website provides you with the information and tools needed to help prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species commonly found in trade. Water gardeners, aquarium hobbyists, retailers, anglers, teachers, wholesalers, and more can use these resources to learn about invasive species and identify alternative organisms that are safe to buy and sell.

For more detailed information, visit Aquatic Invaders in the Marketplace

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Feature Headlines

  • Communities Come to Life in Public Spaces
  • Get the Scoop on Cleanup Projects with Great Lakes Mud
  • Be a Hero is the Invasive Species Prevention Message in Illinois
  • Dead Zone Data Helps Protect Vital Fishery
  • Finding Where the Fish are Just Got Easier
  • Swim Safe This Summer in Southern Lake Michigan Waters
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Feature Headlines

  • Asian Carp Jumps into New Markets
  • New Tour App Explores Chicago Lakefront Stories
  • Calling All Experts to Join Phragnet
  • Great Lakes Data Collection Get Smarter
  • Knowing Nutrient Patterns Helps Predict Pollution
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Just as a gardener hopes that their scattered seeds will eventually bloom into a lush garden, Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant awards Discovery Grants, or ‘seed’ grants, to a number of projects in the hopes that the initiatives will grow into something larger. This publication highlights research on stream water contamination, Asian carp, fish consumption safety, and more.

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Invasive species – non-native plants, animals, or pathogens that cause harm to natural areas – impact both our economy and the environment. Their environmental impacts can affect outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking and birding. You can help prevent these impacts by becoming a hero and joining the more than 90% of outdoor enthusiasts in Illinois who are already fighting the spread of invaders.

For more detailed information, visit Be a Hero!

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Feature Headlines

  • Illinois’ Busy Coast Get Abroad Clean Marina Program
  • New Video Offers Insight into Great Lakes Investment
  • The Word on Invasive Species: Transport Zero
  • Stream contaminants Travel via Salmon
  • Nanomaterial Changes Stream Bacteria
  • Full-cost Water Pricing Makes Sense
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Feature Headlines

  • Forecast Calls for Windy City Winter Blues
  • Invasive Mussel Impacts: It’s Complicated
  • Nearshore Food Web is an East-west Story
  • Student Scientists Explore Real-world Issues
  • New Tool Helps Planners Steer Clear of Tipping Points
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