Topic: Aquatic Invasive Species

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Illinois Conservation Police Officer Tool Thumbnail
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This is a wallet card-sized brochure that will be distributed to boaters and anglers by Illinois Conservation Police Officers. The brochure contains Illinois’ aquatic invasive species laws and additional recommended actions these audiences can take to prevent the spread of invasive species.

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Cooperative Science and Monitoring Initiative (CSMI) Lake Michigan 2015 Report Thumbnail
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The role of the Cooperative Science and Monitoring Initiative (CSMI) is to provide enhanced monitoring and research activities that provide relevant information to address the science priorities of the Lake Partnerships (established under the Lakewide Management Annex of the 2012 Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement) across the Laurentian Great Lakes. The Lake Michigan Partnership, a collaborative team of natural resource managers led by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency with participation from federal, state, tribal, and local governments or agencies, uses the information collected through CSMI to help develop long term ecosystem-based management strategies for protecting and restoring Lake Michigan’s water quality. On a practical level, CSMI is an intensive effort to collect information on the health of each lake, rotating to one Great Lake each year. In 2015, it was Lake Michigan’s turn. This is an executive summary of the 2015 research results and the associated white paper containing more specific information.

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Invasive crayfish pose a substantial threat to aquatic habitats in the Great Lakes Region because of their ability to reduce habitat quality and dramatically alter aquatic food webs. Currently, efforts to prevent the introduction and spread of invasive crayfish consist largely of reducing the size of existing populations and encouraging people to refrain from releasing crayfish into new bodies of water. The ICC focuses on improving upon our collective management and outreach capabilities.

For more detailed information, visit Invasive Crayfish Collaborative

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Charting New Waters: The Lake Michigan Nearshore Food Web Thumbnail
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What are the most critical concerns facing Lake Michigan? The Great Lakes Regional Research and Information Network (GLRRIN) Lake Michigan team set out to answer this question by bringing together more than 50 government and academic researchers over several meetings to share what’s known, what isn’t, and what information would be most valuable to inform resource managers and others interested in the health of the lake.

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Adopt a Habitattitude Thumbnail
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A series of classroom-tested, electronically available activities designed to be used by teachers and informal educators in grades 6-12.

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The Helm Spring 2016 Thumbnail
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Feature Headlines

  • Peoria Stormwater Issue Reaches a Tipping Point
  • Rain Barrel Use Connected to Benefits
  • Stormwater Troopers go Green
  • Crude Oil Transport Brings the Great lakes risks and Benefits
  • Sea Grant Takes AIM in the War on AIS
  • Students Connect with Real-time Buoy Data
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