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Increasing Illinois and Indiana Shoreline Resilience: Information A to Z Thumbnail
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Following IISG’s 2020 workshop focused on lake level variability and communication, one of the key products that participants needed was a list of what types of issues different organizations handle, such as funding, permitting, and other general information needs. This product thoroughly lists the ways in which several federal, Illinois, Indiana and independent organizations can assist coastal communities.

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Homeowner Conservation Practices to Protect Water Quality Thumbnail
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Anyone who has a home with a yard can help protect and improve water quality. This publication offers practical advice about reducing impervious surfaces, select proper landscape plants, effective management of lawns, installing rain barrels and rain gardens, and proper care of septic systems.

Publication is available through the Purdue Extension EduStore at:

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Virtual Lake Levels Workshop Report Thumbnail
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Summary report for IISG’s virtual workshop that was held in October 2020 and focused on improving communication about changing lake levels and water level variability in southwestern Lake Michigan and the impacts to the Chicago metropolitan area.

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