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200 Years of Change Thumbnail
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Curriculum activity where students role-play different scenes that characterize the impact of European settlement on the Great Lakes. Created in 2005.

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Adopt a Habitattitude Thumbnail
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A series of classroom-tested, electronically available activities designed to be used by teachers and informal educators in grades 6-12.

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Aquaculture Family Coloring Book Thumbnail
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This print-your-own coloring book provides a fun and active way for children and adults to learn about the many kinds of aquatic animals that are raised on farms for aquaculture. Each spread highlights one species, pairing a beautifully illustrated coloring page with accompanying text for both advanced and beginning readers with information about aquaculture, fisheries, recreational fishing and cooking tips.

Professionally printed coloring books are also available while supplies last. Requests can be submitted to

Coloring Guide:

Watch and read along with IISG’s communications coordinator, Hope Charters, as she reads the beginning reader sections in the Aquaculture Family Coloring Book. Each spread of the coloring book is separated into two sections: an advance reader section on the left (for grown-ups and advanced readers) and a beginning reader section on the right. We hope that you will enjoy reading along.

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Asian Carp Cuisine: Recipes to “wet” your appetite Thumbnail
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Asian carp, specifically bighead and silver carp, are non-native fish invading lakes and rivers in the Mississippi River and Great Lakes regions, and negatively impacting native organisms. These fish filter tremendous amounts of small plants and animals (plankton) from the water, thereby reducing the amount of food available to native species. One way to help the Asian carp problem is to eat the fish. This factsheet includes several recipes for Asian carp.

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This item is a vinyl fish ruler with an adhesive backing for anglers to place the ruler either in their tackle box or attached somewhere in their boat. They can use the ruler to measure their catch. In addition to the ruler, there is information for Indiana anglers concerning the Fish Consumption Advisories as written by the state.

For more information and to obtain a decal, please contact Leslie Dorworth

Image of full sticker.

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This is a quick summary of IISG’s opportunities and resources to help teachers and other educators increase their Great Lakes literacy, and ultimately that of their students.

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