Multiple Stressors in Aquatic Systems: Evaluating the Independent and Synergistic Effects of Microplastics and Chemical Contaminants on Fish at Critical Early Life Stages

Major Goals and Objectives

This project will evaluate the impacts of microplastics, in combination with a common environmental estrogen (17-alpha ethinyl estradiol) on critical early life stages of a model species, the fathead minnow (Pimephales promelas). Specifically, these data will seek to fill knowledge gaps in three areas; (i) the impacts of microplastics on fish at early life stages; (ii) the potential for transgenerational and multigenerational effects of exposure; and (iii) the effects of multiple environmental stressors on individuals. 

Accomplishments / Benefits

Video: Evaluating Independent and Synergistic Effects of Microplastics & Chemical Contaminants

Research Information

Principal Investigator:
Jessica Ward
Initiation Date:
Ball State University

Our Work


Jessica Ward
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