Michigan City buoy floating on Lake Michigan
The Michigan City buoy is deployed each spring and retrieved in the fall. (Hope Charters/Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant)

An article titled “Solar-Powered IoT Buoy Blends STEM Education and Scientific Research” has been published by Tom Lombardo on engineering.com, covering Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant’s Michigan City buoy on Lake Michigan. Using information supplied by our partners in Purdue University’s Lyles School of Civil Engineering and IISG Education Coordinator Terri Hallesy, Lombardo breaks down some of the technical aspects of the buoy and explains how we use buoy data in some of our STEM-based educational resources.

Article: https://www.engineering.com/Education/EducationArticles/ArticleID/17688/Solar-Powered-IoT-Buoy-Blends-STEM-Education-and-Scientific-Research.aspx

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