Learning about and connecting with IISG online

November 30th, 2012 by
Communicating with people far and wide about the importance of the Great Lakes and the work that we do to ensure safe, healthy, and vibrant economies and ecosystems around Lake Michigan is one of our most important jobs. By informing and involving more people in our efforts, we can continue working to keep the Great Lakes great. 
The latest addition to our effort is the Wikipedia entry for Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant. The IISG Wikipedia page is an important piece of our overall communications because it provides an encyclopedic explanation of IISG as well as references and links to additional information. 
The page that you are visiting right now, our Newsroom, is another way to communicate with our audience, and to share timely information about workshops, seminars, fellowships, community projects and events, and more. And of course our Facebook and Twitter pages allow us to offer even more immediate interaction with individuals and organizations that care about the lakes. 
Feel free to share our pages and help us spread the word about what makes Lake Michigan, and all of the Great Lakes, just so great, and how together we can keep them that way.
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