Following up on yesterday’smessage that prevention is key to stopping aquatic invasive species (AIS), we share this image of a Be a Hero, Transport Zero bobber (no, it’s not a Christmas tree ornament).

AIS can be introduced and spread through a variety of activities including those associated with recreational water users. For example, when an angler releases bait fish at the end of a day’s fishing or a water gardener disposes of excess plants in a local waterway, they could also be accidentally introducing AIS.

If you plan on enjoying the fall colors while out on the water, keep in mind the three simple steps to do your part to prevent aquatic invasive species from moving from one waterbody to another: 

·        Remove plants, animals, and mud from all equipment.
·        Drain water from live wells and bait buckets.
·        Dry items thoroughly with a towel. 

If you would like more information about AIS and the Be a Hero, Transport Zero campaign, visit our website.

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