Programs & Initiatives

Great Lakes Monitoring

This site provides easy access to long-term, environmental monitoring data collected throughout the Great Lakes.

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Buoys in Lake Michigan

Real-time buoys in Lake Michigan serve multiple audiences: boaters, anglers, padders, surfers, weather forecasters, and charter boats. Data are refreshed every 10-60 minutes during the buoy season, which runs from April through late October.

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Cooperative Science and Monitoring Initiative (CSMI)

Each year since 2002, through CSMI, multiple federal, state, and university scientists gather on one of the Great Lakes to take part in coordinated research. The last Lake Michigan-intensive field year was 2015 with the next coming up in 2021.

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Contact Info

Topic Specialist

Paris Collingsworth
Great Lakes Ecosystem Specialist
Kristin TePas
Community Outreach Specialist

Research Projects

Carolyn Foley
Research Coordinator


Ethan Chitty
Administrative Assistant

Education & Training

Terri Hallesy
Education Coordinator
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