Nab the Aquatic Invader

Nab the Aquatic Invader! is a fun way to learn about aquatic invaders. By using this site you can check out lots of unusual species that create real problems in the Atlantic, Pacific, Gulf, and Great Lakes regions.

There are many ways that this site can help you with your class projects. By doing the activities and playing the games on this site, you will learn about nature and be inspired to help the environment by “nabbing” these pesky critters and seeing that you can make a difference.

“Nab the Aquatic Invaders! Be a Sea Grant Super Sleuth” Web site was developed through a National Strategic Initiatives Grant sponsored by the National Sea Grant College Program in NOAA. Funding was granted to the Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant College Program, the Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute and New York Sea Grant Institute. These programs collaborated with other education and outreach staff members of the seven Great Lakes Sea Grant programs to develop this national education site on aquatic invasive species.

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