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Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant (IISG) is now accepting applications for the IISG Scholars programs. These are professional networking and development opportunities for faculty and graduate students from higher learning institutions in Illinois and Indiana who wish to develop extension, education or communication capacities related to their scholarly interests. Awards are issued for one year, and activities should be completed during that year. 

One of IISG’s long-term goals is to help build a community of researchers and outreach professionals focused on critically important Lake Michigan issues. The IISG Scholars programs are designed to help build this community by introducing researchers to the issues and the stakeholders affected by them. In addition, the programs are intended to help graduate student scholars further the impact of their research as well as help faculty scholars develop innovative, fundable proposals for future work in the region.

Faculty Scholars Program

This will be the third year of the IISG Faculty Scholars program. Read what faculty scholars have worked on in these descriptions of previous projects. IISG expects to support 3–4 Faculty Scholars in 2021.
For faculty, specific deliverables depend on a given scholar’s interests but include products such as literature reviews, needs assessments and proposals to external funding agencies. Faculty scholars are expected to participate in networking activities with IISG staff and stakeholders throughout their tenure.

Graduate Student Scholars Program

New in 2021 is an opportunity for graduate students to seek funding to support their research and participate in professional development activities. IISG expects to support 6–8 Graduate Student Scholars in 2021.
For graduate students, deliverables depend on the student’s primary research interest, as the funding is primarily intended to help the student improve their research. Graduate student scholars are expected to take part in professional development activities throughout their tenure.

How To Apply

Applicants for both opportunities (faculty or graduate students) should submit materials to iisgres@purdue.edu by 5 p.m. Central Time on March 12, 2021. Interested applicants should register for an informational webinar to be held on Tuesday, February 16, 2021, at 2 p.m. Eastern Time. The recording will be shared on our Funding Opportunities page.

For More Information

A full description of each program can be found in the full Request for Applications. Questions regarding eligibility or submission requirements may be directed to Carolyn Foley at cfoley@purdue.edu or by phone at 765-494-3601.


Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant is a part of University of Illinois Extension and Purdue Extension.

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