The Illinois Department of Natural Resources is working to remove Asian Carp from several Illinois waterways, even those not connected to the Great Lakes. 
From the Traverse City Record-Eagle: 
“The Asian Carp Regional Coordinating Committee plans to spend $12 million this year on efforts to stop the voracious eaters from reaching Lake Michigan, where scientists fear they could out-compete native fish for food and wreak havoc on the Great Lakes fishing industry. Plans include sampling urban fishing ponds, surveying fish markets for live fish and random electrofishing and netting along a network of canals that connect Lake Michigan to the Illinois River.
McCloud said the DNR will visit bait shops and fish markets to make sure there are no live carp, and will sample around 20 lagoons. He said anyone who nets an Asian carp should get it out of the water and make sure it’s dead. He also asks that they take a photo of the fish and call the DNR.”
These efforts are all part of the larger goal of protecting Illinois waterways, and Lake Michigan in particular, from the threat posed by Asian Carp. 
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