From the Executive Summary of Water 2050: Northeastern Illinois Regional Water Supply/Demand Plan:

The prosperity of the greater Chicago region and its status as a global center depend on water availability. Historically blessed with ample fresh water, the region can no longer assume that water supplies are infinite. While other parts of the country struggle to meet growing water demand and some cities are losing their economic competitiveness due to shortage or inadequate planning, the Chicago region must act now to carefully plan and manage its surface and groundwater resources in a coordinated fashion. Nothing less than economic development, environmental protection, and social equity is at stake. It is for these reasons that the region’s water supply plan is timely and important.

Water 2050: Northeastern Illinois Regional Water Supply/Demand Plan was unanimously approved by the Regional Water Supply Planning Group last month. The planning effort was led by the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP). IISG Environmental Planning Specialist Marty Jaffe served as a member of the planning group and IISG Water Resource Economist Margaret Schneemann provided background and on water pricing for the plan. Ms. Schneemann will continue to assist CMAP in plan implementation going forward. You can download a copy of the plan and learn more about Water 2050 here.

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