Category: Recreation & Tourism

Failing Septic Systems as a Source of Human Pathogens to Beach Sand

This project will address an emerging issue along the coast of Lake Michigan in Northwest Indiana: microbiological pollution of beach sands due to failing septic systems. We will sample beaches in areas of known septic system failures and the sand for E. coli, human fecal bacterial DNA markers, and common pathogens. Successful execution of this project will result in data that can be used for a quantitative microbial risk assessment (QMRA) for beachgoers in the area and an experimental framework that can be expanded to examine beach sands in other Indiana coastal communities with high densities of shoreline septic systems.

Outdoor Recreation and the NSRE: An Examination of Nature Based Learning Activities with a Focus on Water

  • Provide and enhance the description of recreation participants in the nature based and specfiically
    water related learning activities
  • Segment recreation participants by applying the Three-step Procedural Model (activity packages,
    sociodemographic background, trip-related characteristics, environmental attitudes; and expenditure information)
  • Determine how the activity segments differ in terms of geographic, sociodemographic, travel trip, expenditure, attitudes and other characteristics
  • Provide recommendations for public and private recreation organizations interested in the outdoor
    recreation market