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The Helm Summer 2005 Thumbnail
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Feature Headlines

  • Plant Retailers Provide Potential Source of AIS
  • IISG Annouces Interim Director
  • Website Recruits AIS Detectives
  • Fish School is in Session
  • AIS-HACCP Program Expands
  • Experts Focus on Southern Lake Michigan Region Water Supply
  • Aquaculture Class Inspires High School Students
  • Rip Current Awareness can Save Lives
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The Helm Winter 2004 Thumbnail
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Feature Headlines

  • The Troubled Youth of Yellow Perch
  • Great Lakes Monitoring Provides Management Cues
  • Consortium to Plan for Tri-state Water Supply
  • Find Your Niche in Aquaculture
  • New IISG Research Addresses Coastal Concerns
  • Camping Out with Sea Grant
  • New Curriculum Guide Premiers in Chicago
  • Reporting New Aquatic Invaders is a Mouse Click Away
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The Helm Winter 2006 Thumbnail
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Feature Headlines

  • COSEE Great Lakes to Boost Science Education
  • Shedd Aquarium Opens Great Lakes Invader Exhibit
  • Legacy Act Brings Hope to Great Lakes Communities
  • Sea Grant Academy
  • IISG Knauss Fellows go to Washington
  • Historical Lake Levels Offer Insight into Future Lows
  • Stream Restoration Workshops Get Real-World Test
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The Helm Winter 2011 Thumbnail
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Feature Headlines

  • Lake Michigan Shoreline Water is a Medicine Cocktail
  • Chicago Students Take on Medicine Disposal
  • Recreation Reduces Karner Blue Butterfly Reproduction
  • Great Lakes Legacy Act Fosters Riverfront Revitalization
  • Forecasting the Fate of Lake Michigan Storms
  • Alum can Clean Up Phosphorous from Manure Spills
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The Helm Winter 2012 Thumbnail
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Feature Headlines

  • Indiana Bans 28 Invasive Aquatic Plants
  • 500 New Aquaculture Businesses Grow in Africa
  • Doing Real Science Inspires Great Lakes Students
  • Consumers Would Pay More for U.S. Seafood
  • Large Sprawling Yards can Lean to More Runoff
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The Helm Winter 2013 Thumbnail
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Feature Headlines

  • Forecast Calls for Windy City Winter Blues
  • Invasive Mussel Impacts: It’s Complicated
  • Nearshore Food Web is an East-west Story
  • Student Scientists Explore Real-world Issues
  • New Tool Helps Planners Steer Clear of Tipping Points
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The Helm Winter 2015 Thumbnail
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Feature Headlines

  • Plastic Fibers Emerge as Lake Michigan Pollutant
  • From Spin to Lab: Understanding Plastic Sampling in the Great Lakes
  • Researchers Can Now Dip into Years of Great Lakes Data
  • Video Chats Stream Shipboard Scientists to K-12 Classrooms
  • New Illinois Plan Will Reduce Nutrient Pollution in the Gulf
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The Medicine Chest: A Collection of Safe Disposal Curriculum Activities and Service-Learning Resources Thumbnail
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This 4-H curriculum, designed for informal education audiences, provides five inquiry-based lessons to help high school youth understand the harmful effects of improper disposal of medicines and what they can do to help. Each lesson contains a complete instruction plan, centered on a hands-on activity for the students. Our goals for The Medicine Chest are to: Offer comprehensive curricula on the issues surrounding pharmaceuticals and personal care products disposal; Incorporate a variety of educational approaches for instructing high school-level students; Support community stewardship by offering creative project examples and guidance that will inform the public about appropriate disposal practices; and Explore a variety of careers that work with pharmaceuticals and personal care products. We dedicate The Medicine Chest to our youth who are working to make a significant difference in their communities as they develop important lifelong learning skills, including leadership and civic responsibility.

To use these resources, visit:

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Walleye Farmed Fish Fact Sheet: A Guide for Seafood Consumers Thumbnail
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This fact sheet is a consumer guide to farmed walleye. The publication describes walleye, walleye farming, product safety, and culinary characteristics of walleye in addition to cooking tips and a recipe.



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