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Staff Positions – Closed

Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant supports over 30 extension specialists, communicators, educators, and administrators conducting environmental and natural resources outreach on a number of critical issues at local, regional, and national scales. Extension specialists deliver science-based programs that empower communities and people to make informed natural resource decisions.

IISG Summer Internship Program – Closed

The Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant (IISG) Summer Internship Program provides undergraduate students opportunities to help address issues impacting coastal communities by combining social and environmental conservation sciences. Through this program, IISG’s interns will gain knowledge and skills in practices that help Lake Michigan coastal communities make more informed decisions about resource management and everyday activities. These paid internships may include research, communications, and/or outreach activities. Applicants may have the opportunity to participate in activities (e.g., attending a professional conference) outside of their specific internship duties

Visit the Summer Internship Program for more information.

Community Engaged Internships – Closed

Sea Grant’s Community Engaged Internship (CEI) program aims to broaden participation in coastal, ocean, Great Lakes, and marine sciences by offering training and mentorship—through paid internships—to a diverse cohort of undergraduate students from under-resourced, underrepresented and/or indigenous and tribal populations. Some of the key components of the program include providing professional development opportunities as well as engaging students in place-based research, extension, education, and/or communication that respects and integrates local ways of knowing. 

Visit the Community Engaged Internships for more information.

Scholarships and Fellowships

Several opportunities are available to graduate students and faculty members in the Illinois-Indiana region. Graduate student fellowships include governmental internships in Washington D.C., funding to support research and a yearlong assignment at the Great Lakes Commission in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Graduate student fellowships are typically announced in the late fall with applications due in the early winter, although dates vary from year to year. Faculty scholarships are currently limited to the Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant Faculty Scholars Program.

Visit the Fellowships and Scholarships for more information.

Career Paths

Deciding on a career can be a difficult  process.Explore these jobs boards and professional societies that can help you with decisions about choosing your career.


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