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Community Planning for Agriculture and Natural Resources: A Guide for Local Government Thumbnail

Year: 2019

Purdue Extension and the Indiana Land Resources Council collaboratively developed this guidance document to support plan commission members and local government officials and staff with resources and examples to integrate agriculture and natural resources as part of community land use planning efforts for developing or updating comprehensive plans. Each document in the series provides an overview of the topic, economic development considerations, community examples, and resources to make connections for local land use planning efforts.

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Economic Importance of the Aquaculture Industry in Indiana Thumbnail
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Year: 2013

Indiana’s aquaculture industry ranges from small-scale producers growing fish in their back yards to large-scale producers growing fish to sell in national and international markets and includes the production of ornamental fish, fish for human consumption (food fish), and recreational fish that are stocked in private and public ponds and lakes. The types of fish produced include yellow perch, tilapia, baitfish, hybrid striped bass, marine shrimp, freshwater prawns, ornamentals, and trophy fish. 

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