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Contaminants of Emerging Concern Literature Review Table Thumbnail
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Year: 2019

This table provides a review of the current contaminants of emerging concern (CEC) literature base. This resource provides an overview of the different categories of CECs (e.g., pharmaceuticals, microplastics, pesticides, etc.), examples of chemicals found within those categories, where various CECs have been detected, and the health effects found in both environmental and lab-controlled studies. This information is supported by an extensive list of peer reviewed publications.

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Indiana Master Watershed Steward Thumbnail

Year: 2019

Indiana Master Watershed Stewards are trained volunteers who understand how watersheds work and are willing to help with watershed improvement efforts in their communities. Master Watershed Stewards complete a 12-week training program that pulls together information from scientists, researchers, and watershed management professionals. Topics will include how watersheds function, what factors affect watershed health, how water is managed for human use, and how volunteers can play a part in promoting watershed health and appreciation.

For more detailed information, visit Indiana Master Watershed Steward

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