In the news: Teachers identify the good and the still needed in Great Lakes literacy education

May 28th, 2013 by

Dozens of Michigan teachers were some of the attendees at the 2013 Great Lakes Conference at Michigan State University back in March, and one of the most important topics of discussion was the current and future need for improving Great Lakes literacy.

From the MSU office of extension

“At the luncheon, educators learned about upcoming professional development opportunities relating to the Great Lakes, and shared their best practices in Great Lakes education, as well as their priority needs relating to advancing Great Lakes literacy in the classroom. 

So with the goal of advancing Great Lakes literacy in mind, what were some of their best practices and needs that emerged from the teacher discussion? The best practices clustered around five themes: 1) curriculum, 2) place-based education, 3) data in the classroom, 4) hands-on learning, and 5) cross-curriculum lessons…”

Follow the link above to read the complete article, including links to further information for educators.

In the news: Further research on Lake Michigan-based wind power

May 15th, 2012 by
Grand Valley State University successfully deployed their wind research buoy in the middle of Lake Michigan last week, 37 miles off shore. The buoy, a joint project between Grand Valley State University, Michigan State University, and the University of Michigan, is one of only two in existence, and the only one operating in the Great Lakes. 
Researchers are looking forward to data on a variety of factors related to possible wind energy generation in the Great Lakes. In addition to studying wind velocity and related factors, the research takes into account water temperatures, wave activity, and animal life in order to provide the most complete picture for potential wind farm development offshore.
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