Economics and Cost Analysis

The proximity of Illinois and Indiana producers to many major markets, and the abundance of natural and agricultural resources, provide tremendous long-term opportunities for aquaculture farms and businesses in these states. Whether you are an aquaculture producer or you are thinking of getting into an aquaculture business, we are here to provide you the best information and education to ensure a productive, innovative, and profitable aquaculture business.

IISG’s aquaculture program is part of University of Illinois and Purdue University Extension, providing strong support to Illinois and Indiana aquaculture through technology transfer projects as well as marketing and technical assistance. Our aquaculture marketing specialist leads Purdue’s Aquaculture Economics & Marketing Resources (AqEMR) initiative, with a focus on innovative research, outreach, extension, and education programs.

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Topic Specialist

Kwamena Quagrainie
Aquaculture Marketing Specialist
Amy Shambach
Aquaculture Marketing Associate

Research Projects

Carolyn Foley
Research Coordinator


Ethan Chitty
Administrative Assistant

Education & Training

Terri Hallesy
Education Coordinator
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