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Homeowners often do not see themselves as having an impact on water quality as individuals. However, we all live in a watershed and therefore have to consider the cumulative impacts. Additionally, some homeowners fail to realize that while they may not live right next to a lake or stream, runoff from their lawn can still end up in nearby waterbodies through a network of curbs, gutters, and storm drains. When you combine excess use of fertilizers and pesticides, overwatering, and compacted soils in urban environments, the risk of polluted runoff increases.

The Lawn to Lake Midwest website is full of information, tools, and resources that will guide you in making sure your lawn care practices are more environmentally friendly. Take a Lawn Care Quiz to see how your current landscaping practices may be impacting local water quality, visit the Calendar page for timely lawn care maintenance tips, and even find a place to send your soil samples using the Soil Testing Lab Locations interactive map.

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