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The Helm Summer 2012 Thumbnail
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Feature Headlines

  • It’s Time to Celebrate Grand Calumet River and Roxanna Marsh Cleanup
  • Bringing AIS Information to Boat Ramps
  • Location is Key to Yellow Perch Diet and Success
  • Natural Lawncare
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Don’t Dump Bait Thumbnail
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Information poster about the importance of not dumping bait to prevent aquatic invasive species spread.

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Type E Botulism Outbreaks: A Manual for Beach Managers and the Public Thumbnail
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This manual, prepared by the Great Lakes Regional Collaboration (GLRC), provides information regarding Type E botulism and how to control its spread throughout the region. It is intended to provide both beach managers and the general public with guidance on Type E botulism and to provide sources of additional information.

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Harmful Algal Blooms Thumbnail
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This beach manager’s manual provides the latest on harmful algal blooms which can be found in most water bodies around the Great Lakes.

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The Helm Winter 2011 Thumbnail
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Feature Headlines

  • Lake Michigan Shoreline Water is a Medicine Cocktail
  • Chicago Students Take on Medicine Disposal
  • Recreation Reduces Karner Blue Butterfly Reproduction
  • Great Lakes Legacy Act Fosters Riverfront Revitalization
  • Forecasting the Fate of Lake Michigan Storms
  • Alum can Clean Up Phosphorous from Manure Spills
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The Helm Fall 2008 Thumbnail
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Feature Headlines

  • Living Near Waterways Can Be a Plus or Minus
  • IISG Fellow Finds Fish Consumption Advisories Effective
  • Lake Michigan Becomes the Classroom for COSEE Teacher Workshop
  • Aquatic Invaders Website Spreads Beyond the Internet
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The Helm Winter 2006 Thumbnail
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Feature Headlines

  • COSEE Great Lakes to Boost Science Education
  • Shedd Aquarium Opens Great Lakes Invader Exhibit
  • Legacy Act Brings Hope to Great Lakes Communities
  • Sea Grant Academy
  • IISG Knauss Fellows go to Washington
  • Historical Lake Levels Offer Insight into Future Lows
  • Stream Restoration Workshops Get Real-World Test
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The Helm Summer 2005 Thumbnail
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Feature Headlines

  • Plant Retailers Provide Potential Source of AIS
  • IISG Annouces Interim Director
  • Website Recruits AIS Detectives
  • Fish School is in Session
  • AIS-HACCP Program Expands
  • Experts Focus on Southern Lake Michigan Region Water Supply
  • Aquaculture Class Inspires High School Students
  • Rip Current Awareness can Save Lives
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The Helm Fall 2004 Thumbnail
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Feature Headlines

  • Ocean Commission Highlights Great Lakes Resource
  • Stewardship Synergy Takes off in the Calumet Region
  • The Ebbs and Flows of River Restoration
  • Fellowship Provides Rich Opportunities
  • Asian Carp Hot Topic at Research Symposium
  • IEPA Addresses Growth with Watershed Planning
  • Lake and Porter Counties Turn to Smart Growth
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