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Feature Headlines

  • Communities Come to Life in Public Spaces
  • Get the Scoop on Cleanup Projects with Great Lakes Mud
  • Be a Hero is the Invasive Species Prevention Message in Illinois
  • Dead Zone Data Helps Protect Vital Fishery
  • Finding Where the Fish are Just Got Easier
  • Swim Safe This Summer in Southern Lake Michigan Waters
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This website chronicles sediment cleanup by the U.S. Environmental Protect Agency and partners in targeted Great Lakes Areas of Concern.

For more detailed information, visit Great Lakes Mud

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Feature Headlines

  • Asian Carp Jumps into New Markets
  • New Tour App Explores Chicago Lakefront Stories
  • Calling All Experts to Join Phragnet
  • Great Lakes Data Collection Get Smarter
  • Knowing Nutrient Patterns Helps Predict Pollution
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Feature Headlines

  • Illinois’ Busy Coast Get Abroad Clean Marina Program
  • New Video Offers Insight into Great Lakes Investment
  • The Word on Invasive Species: Transport Zero
  • Stream contaminants Travel via Salmon
  • Nanomaterial Changes Stream Bacteria
  • Full-cost Water Pricing Makes Sense
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