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Climate Change: Are you preparing for it? Thumbnail

Year: 2020

This publication provides an overview of how changing climate conditions will affect the Midwestern United States, with a specific focus on Indiana, along with sensible strategies for coping with these changes. It is intended to help regional policymakers understand past and future environmental changes to support local and regional planning efforts.

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Climate Change: Communication Strategies to Support Local Planning Thumbnail

Year: 2020

Despite strong evidence that climate change is happening, many people do not realize the urgency with which we need to act, nor do they fully understand the types of impacts facing their communities. This publication provides some basic, but proven, strategies to help local officials more effectively communicate with the public about climate change.

This file is available from the Purdue Extension EdStore at,

Ecosystem Services Valuation in the Indiana Coastal Zone Thumbnail
File Type: pdf
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Year: 2020

Ecosystem Services Valuation in the Indiana Coastal Zone introduces this concept to coastal zone managers, policymakers, and valuation practitioners. Ecosystem services valuation allows decision makers to better address resource management challenges and communicate how actions can negatively or positively affect the public.

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Indiana Master Watershed Steward Thumbnail

Year: 2019

Indiana Master Watershed Stewards are trained volunteers who understand how watersheds work and are willing to help with watershed improvement efforts in their communities. Master Watershed Stewards complete a 12-week training program that pulls together information from scientists, researchers, and watershed management professionals. Topics will include how watersheds function, what factors affect watershed health, how water is managed for human use, and how volunteers can play a part in promoting watershed health and appreciation.

For more detailed information, visit Indiana Master Watershed Steward

Year: 2019

This item is a vinyl fish ruler with an adhesive backing for anglers to place the ruler either in their tackle box or attached somewhere in their boat. They can use the ruler to measure their catch. In addition to the ruler, there is information for Indiana anglers concerning the Fish Consumption Advisories as written by the state.

For more information and to obtain a decal, please contact Leslie Dorworth

Image of full sticker.

Aquatic Ecosystems in a Shifting Indiana Climate Thumbnail

Year: 2018

Indiana’s ecosystems will experience changes in water quantity, water temperature, ice cover, water clarity, and oxygen content as the state’s temperature and rainfall patterns shift. The plants and animals living in these aquatic ecosystems will undergo changes that will vary based on the species and the specific places they inhabit.

Part of the Indiana Climate Change Impacts Assessment (IN CCIA).

Download the report from Purdue e-Pubs. DOI: 10.5703/1288284316782

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