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Conserving Water Outdoors Thumbnail
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Year: 2014

This outreach brochure provides simple steps for homeowners to conserve on outdoor water use. Lawn watering and other outdoor water uses can account for 30 percent of Illinois home water usage throughout the summer, but only half of that water penetrates the soil, with the rest lost due to inefficient watering practices. Reducing outdoor water waste in Illinois saves money and protects our limited water resources, especially during times of drought. We can all take a few simple steps to use water more efficiently.

Original document available from: TO LAKES NWPA Brochure_CONSERVING WATER_WEB.pdf

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Southern Lake Michigan Outdoors Thumbnail

Year: 2014

Visit this destination website to explore the coastal regions of Indiana and Illinois. Places of interest include national parks, city parks, blueways, and other locations perfect for a day outdoors.

For more detailed information, visit Southern Lake Michigan Outdoors

Great Lakes Mud Thumbnail

Year: 2014

This website chronicles sediment cleanup by the U.S. Environmental Protect Agency and partners in targeted Great Lakes Areas of Concern.

For more detailed information, visit Great Lakes Mud

Chicago Water Walk App Thumbnail

Year: 2014

Explore some the city’s celebrated sites as you walk or bike the tour routes. You will learn the history, ecology, and engineering of Chicago’s lakefront.

For more detailed information, visit Chicago Water Walk App

Angler Archive Thumbnail

Year: 2014

Angler Archive provides easy access to long-term recreational fishing data collected in southern Lake Michigan. These data have been provided by the Illinois Natural History Survey (INHS) and Indiana Department of Natural Resources (IDNR). The Angler Archive allows you to explore trends in three recreational fisheries from the mid 1980s, filter and compare data by factors such as month, site, and target species, visualize the data in a number of different ways, and export charts and data table.

  For more detailed information, visit Angler Archive

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