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Walleye Farmed Fish Fact Sheet: A Guide for Seafood Consumers Thumbnail
File Type: pdf
File Size: 3.77 MB
Year: 2020

This fact sheet is a consumer guide to farmed walleye. The publication describes walleye, walleye farming, product safety, and culinary characteristics of walleye in addition to cooking tips and a recipe.



  1. Summerfelt, R.C., Kinnunen, R.E., Johnson, J.A., 2019. Production of Walleye as Potential Food Fish. North Central Regional Aquaculture Center Technical Bulletin #116, NCRAC Publications Office, Iowa State University, Ames.
  2. Summerfelt, R.C., ed. 1996. Walleye culture manual. NCRAC Culture Series #101, NCRAC Publications Office, Iowa State University, Ames, Page 5.
  3. Williams, M.C.W., Murphy, E.W., McCarty H.B., Snyder, B.D. Schrank, C.S., McCann, P.J. Crimmins, B.S. 2017. Variation in the essential fatty acids EPA and DHA in fillets of fish from Great Lakes region. Journal of Great Lakes Research, 43, Pages 150–160.
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Water Affordability Programs & Policies: A National Review Thumbnail
File Type: pdf
File Size: 4.30 MB
Year: 2019

This document provides a review of policies and programs addressing water bill affordability issues and equitable access to water. Five broad strategies are discussed, including: cost reduction, water efficiency, rate design, customer assistance programs, and hard to reach programs. For each solution, a definition, implementation considerations, examples, and potential recommendations are provided. More extensive case studies from a handful of water systems and a brief summary of the literature reviewed is also included. Results will be used to inform a community water affordability technical assistance program.

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Wet Woodland Garden Thumbnail
File Type: pdf
File Size: 1.74 MB
Year: 2021

This guide features a planting plan focused on natives typically found in wet Illinois woodlands. The plan creates year-round interest for homeowners and
extends the foraging season for pollinators. Additionally, native plants help soak up rainfall and can be used in rain gardens.

A screen reader friendly version can be found here.

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