Regional Water Demand Forecasting

The greater Chicago region obtains drinking water from Lake Michigan, inland surface waters, and groundwater sources. However, Illinois’ access to lake water is governed by a U.S. Supreme Court Consent Decree that limits the amount of water that Illinois can withdraw. Groundwater withdrawals from the deep-bedrock aquifer have generally been shown to exceed the recharge rate. Studies have also revealed that some withdrawals from the shallow-bedrock aquifers capture subsurface water flow that would otherwise help feed local rivers and streams.

A combination of strategies by various stakeholders will be needed to ensure an adequate supply of water in northeastern Illinois. As the region grows, it is critical that water resources are conserved and used efficiently. Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant, in partnership with the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning, is forecasting regional water demand to the year 2050 for the seven counties of northeastern Illinois. The forecast provides the region with insights on demand and strategies for ensuring that water supply meets future demand.

For more information, view the ON TO 2050 Regional Water Demand Forecast and to view/download the forecast data go to the CMAP Data Hub

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