Programs & Initiatives

Regional Water Demand Forecasting

The greater Chicago region obtains drinking water from Lake Michigan, inland surface waters, and groundwater sources. IISG, in partnership with the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning, is forecasting regional water demand to the year 2050 for the seven counties of northeastern Illinois. The forecast provides the region with insights on demand and strategies for ensuring that water supply meets future demand.

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Water Pricing

Local governments are the primary investors in water infrastructure. The Full-Cost Water Pricing Guidebook, the Northeast Illinois Water Rates Dashboard, and the Conservation Pricing primer offer local decision makers tools for implementing rates that encourage wise use of water resources as well as address the need for investment in aging infrastructure.

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Water Conservation

Population growth in the greater Chicago region could create water shortages as demand outpaces supply. Water-demand management—including water conservation, conservation pricing, and water reuse—is necessary to ensure ongoing water availability. Encouraging communities to conserve and reuse water can make our water supply more sustainable.

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