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This is the tenth in a series of consumer guides that describe fish and shellfish farmed in the Midwest region of the United States. (See Largemouth Bass Farmed Fish Fact Sheet, Atlantic Salmon Farmed Fish Fact Sheet, Walleye Farmed Fish Fact SheetYellow Perch Farmed Fish Fact Sheet, Tilapia Farmed Fish Fact Sheet, Rainbow Trout Farmed Fished Fact Sheet, Pacific White Shrimp Farmed Fish Fact SheetAmerican Paddlefish Farmed Fish Fact Sheet, and Channel Catfish Farmed Fish Fact Sheet). The fact sheet also includes culinary characteristics, cooking tips and a recipe for Grilled Prawn with Thai Dipping Sauce.


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Shambach, Amy. Freshwater Prawn Farmed Fish Fact sheet. Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant Report: IISG23-SFA-BRC-046.

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Amy Shambach, Ethan Chitty, Hope Charters, Joel Davenport



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Environmental Literacy and Workforce Development, Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture


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