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The Helm Winter 2012 Thumbnail
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Feature Headlines

  • Indiana Bans 28 Invasive Aquatic Plants
  • 500 New Aquaculture Businesses Grow in Africa
  • Doing Real Science Inspires Great Lakes Students
  • Consumers Would Pay More for U.S. Seafood
  • Large Sprawling Yards can Lean to More Runoff
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Feature Headlines

  • Lake Michigan Shoreline Water is a Medicine Cocktail
  • Chicago Students Take on Medicine Disposal
  • Recreation Reduces Karner Blue Butterfly Reproduction
  • Great Lakes Legacy Act Fosters Riverfront Revitalization
  • Forecasting the Fate of Lake Michigan Storms
  • Alum can Clean Up Phosphorous from Manure Spills
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Feature Headlines

  • IISG-P2D2 Partnership Promotes Medicine Collection
  • No Bones About It: Easy Steps for Filleting Asian Carp
  • Green Infrastructure Benefits Include Cost
  • Teachers Engage in Lake Michigan Shipboard Science
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The Medicine Chest: A Collection of Safe Disposal Curriculum Activities and Service-Learning Resources Thumbnail
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This 4-H curriculum, designed for informal education audiences, provides five inquiry-based lessons to help high school youth understand the harmful effects of improper disposal of medicines and what they can do to help. Each lesson contains a complete instruction plan, centered on a hands-on activity for the students. Our goals for The Medicine Chest are to: Offer comprehensive curricula on the issues surrounding pharmaceuticals and personal care products disposal; Incorporate a variety of educational approaches for instructing high school-level students; Support community stewardship by offering creative project examples and guidance that will inform the public about appropriate disposal practices; and Explore a variety of careers that work with pharmaceuticals and personal care products. We dedicate The Medicine Chest to our youth who are working to make a significant difference in their communities as they develop important lifelong learning skills, including leadership and civic responsibility.

To use these resources, visit:

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Asian Carp Cuisine: Recipes to “wet” your appetite Thumbnail
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Asian carp, specifically bighead and silver carp, are non-native fish invading lakes and rivers in the Mississippi River and Great Lakes regions, and negatively impacting native organisms. These fish filter tremendous amounts of small plants and animals (plankton) from the water, thereby reducing the amount of food available to native species. One way to help the Asian carp problem is to eat the fish. This factsheet includes several recipes for Asian carp.

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Feature Headlines

  • IISG Fosters Community Stewardship through University Students
  • Sea Grant AIS Website Selected for Smithsonian Kiosk
  • Would You Please Pass the Asian Carp?
  • Sea Grant Fosters New Aquaculture Markets in Ghana, Kenya
  • Knauss Fellows Find Their Future in Washington
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The Helm Fall 2008 Thumbnail
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Feature Headlines

  • Living Near Waterways Can Be a Plus or Minus
  • IISG Fellow Finds Fish Consumption Advisories Effective
  • Lake Michigan Becomes the Classroom for COSEE Teacher Workshop
  • Aquatic Invaders Website Spreads Beyond the Internet
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The Helm Fall 2006 Thumbnail
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Feature Headlines

  • Pharmwaste: A Prescription for Troubled Waters
  • Moving Forward with New Leadership
  • One Stop Shopping for Great Lakes Information
  • Educators Get Immersed in Great Lakes Issues
  • Vitamin E Relieves the Effects of Aquaculture Stress
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Feature Headlines

  • COSEE Great Lakes to Boost Science Education
  • Shedd Aquarium Opens Great Lakes Invader Exhibit
  • Legacy Act Brings Hope to Great Lakes Communities
  • Sea Grant Academy
  • IISG Knauss Fellows go to Washington
  • Historical Lake Levels Offer Insight into Future Lows
  • Stream Restoration Workshops Get Real-World Test
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